What IV is Best for Me?

Welcome to Refresh IV Bar. Located next to the Anytime Fitness at 2119 Haslett Rd, STE B in Haslett, MI, we are open and ready to help you reach your health goals and feel refreshed. You may be asking, “what is the best IV for me?” Our highly qualified nurses and physicians are able to assist you pick the best IV therapy for your specific needs and health background. We, however, will list a guide. The suggested IV on this guide may not align with your specific medical history and background. Our nurses will go over your choice of IV to ensure it is truly the best and most safe choice for you.

Hydration Drip- For anyone in need of an extra boost of hydration. Nearly anyone can have this IV and it is great if you have not had enough water intake. 

Ultimate Refresh Drip-This IV therapy is for those who want to improve their performance. The ultimate drip has all our best supplements at even higher rates than the other options.This drip is best for athletes, those with vitamin deficiencies, and those who are on the go and very busy.

Recovery/Hangover- The recovery/hangover hydration IV is designed to get you back on your feet. Whether drinking, exhaustion, or physical exertion took you down, our blend of supplements will reduce nausea, headaches, and sluggish feelings.

Beauty Elixir- Are you looking for better, younger, healthier looking skin? Do you want to feel the beauty from within? Our blend of B-complex, vitamin B-12, vitamin C & D, glutathione, and zinc will help you achieve the look you’ve wanted.

Migraine Relief- Don’t let migraines keep you from your life. This IV vitamin therapy blend will help alleviate migraines with medication to ease pain, inflammation, nausea, and light sensitivity. This drip is best for those who struggle with chronic migraines or headaches.

Pregnancy- Pregnancy and motherhood is difficult. Our pregnancy drip will help with nausea and the hardships pregnancy has on your body.

Gut health- Gut issues can make you miserable. This cocktail will help detoxify the body and rid it from harmful toxins. Supplements such as glutathione, zinc, and more will help balance your gut health. This is best for those with gut issues such as IBS, Chohns, Collitis, celiacs, and more. 

General Wellness- Our Myer’s cocktail will relieve symptoms of various ailments by balancing your body and supporting your immune system. Our mixture includes vitamin c, B-12, magnesium, calcium, and more. ThisIV vitamin therapy is best for nearly everyone.

Weight loss- We can help boost your metabolism while building lean muscle. Adding this IV therapy to your current diet and exercise routine will result in more energy and your weight loss goals.

Defense- Would you like to increase your immunity? Whether you have a big event coming up or just want to keep sickness away, our defense blend will boost your immune system or shorten your current illness.

Mood Balance- Don’t let the stresses of the world keep you down. This mixture is designed to balance your mind and body so that you can live the life you’ve always dreamed.

Extra- Toradol | Slim Boost | Defense Blend | Zofran | Glutathione | L-carnitine | Magnesium | Vitamin C | 500ml extra fluids | Pepcid (antacid) | B-12 | B-complex | Taurine | Glycine | GAC | BCAAS | Learnitine | Phentermine