Welcome to Refresh IV Bar – Who Are We?

Welcome! We are Refresh IV Bar. Located next to the Anytime Fitness at 2119 Haslett Rd, STE B in Haslett, MI, we are open and ready to help you reach your health goals and feel refreshed. You may be asking, what is an IV bar? An IV bar provides IV hydration through intravenous infusion. With added vitamins and minerals, IV therapy is able to assist you in becoming the healthiest version of yourself. We have several IV drips to choose from. With the option of the Hydration Drip, Ultimate Refresh Drip, Hangover IV Drip, Beauty Elixir, Migraine Relief, Pregnancy, Gut Health, General Wellness, Weight Loss, Defense, and Mood Balance, we are able to provide the IV therapy best for your needs. IV vitamin therapy is a safe and effective way of helping the body receive, absorb, and maintain the necessary fluids, vitamins, and nutrients to feel refreshed. 

With years of experience and knowledge, our medical staff provides the best quality care to ensure your comfort. Our most popular drips are the IV for hangovers, the general wellness (AKA Meyers Cocktail), and the Ultimate Refresh Drip. Our IVs are proven to aid in migraine relief, hangovers, skin health, gut health, dehydration, energy, and so much more. IV therapy can benefit everyone. Whether you’re looking to get ahead of future issues, or work on current ailments, Refresh IV Bar is here for you. We want you to reach your health goals and feel refreshed. 

IV therapy is better than oral supplements to help you achieve your health goals in many ways. Though oral medication may be right for some, IV hydration ensures a 100% absorption rate directly into your bloodstream. This skips a lot of work for the body. You can relax, your body can relax, and your cells can benefit. It takes the work out of your stomach, small intestine, and other organs. Have you heard of water soluble materials? Water soluble means that things and solutions are able to dissolve in water. They are HUGE. This makes it difficult to dissolve into the bloodstream. Oral supplements go through major processes to dissolve into the bloodstream. They must go through membranes in organs and systems that initially cannot be penetrated by these large molecules. This means as low at 20% of the actual supplement is getting absorbed into the bloodstream. Would you rather absorb 100% or 20%. I think we both know the answer to that. IVs allow for immediate impact and will help you feel refreshed as soon as possible. 

What is in the IVs? Refresh sources all of the medical supplies used by approved pharmacy providers. We use sodium chloride, amino acids, B1 (thiamine), biotin, B Complex, B12, vitamin c, calcium gluconate, vitamin d, carnitine, glutathione, glycine, levocarnitine, l-carnitine, magnesium sulfate, pepcid, phentermine, selenium, replacement preparations, taurine, plasmalyte A, toradol, zinc chloride, Zofran, and numbing spray. We ensure a safe and comfortable experience. 

To ensure maximum comfort, Refresh provides a number of things to keep our clients satisfied. Refresh has heated, reclining, massage chairs, large tvs, complimentary drinks, bathrooms, snacks, and much more. IVs can be cold, but we warm them to avoid the unnecessary uncomfort. We also have blanket warmers for a warm, toasty visit. With numbing spray, we are able to insert the IV with little to no feeling. We want you to grab a snack and drink, snag a blanket, lay back and relax. For those who are busy and need a place to work while getting an IV, we will provide you with a small table for materials. We also have a private room in the IV bar for anyone who may need added privacy. Refresh IV Bar follows HIPAA guidelines and ensures that your information remains entirely confidential. 

We want to make this whole experience as easy as possible for you. We have our paperwork uploaded to the website for you to fill out prior to your appointment as well as some at the front desk in case you prefer to fill it out in our office. You are able to choose your preferred IV, but our nurses will evaluate you and your medical history to ensure you are a good candidate for that specific IV. If for any reason your preference is not a good candidate for you, we will offer you one that may work better and a small gift or discount. We want you, our client, to be happy and taken care of. 

Schedule ahead by using our website. This will solidify your spot in the schedule so you will be taken care of as quickly as possible. You also have the capability of calling to schedule an appointment. This gives you the opportunity to choose your IV, fill out your paperwork, and pay ahead of time so that you can come in and relax. 

IV therapy is something pretty new to the world, especially Michigan. We are here for any and all questions and would love to walk you through the process. It is important that you are confident and comfortable with Refresh IV Bar. Again, we have highly qualified nurses and physicians on staff for the best care of your health. We are open to suggestions and alterations of IVs to create the best possible IV for your health. The IV process will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour from start to finish. Are you near Lansing, East Lansing, Haslett, Okemos, Williamston, or nearby? Stop in and let us help you feel refreshed.