IV Hydration Therapy for Headaches and Migraines

Even the most minor of headaches can impact your day, let alone migraines. When every bit of light or sound ignites pain and overstimulation, nausea hits you at every turn, and your head is aching, your ability to perform day to day tasks can quickly become debilitated.

Migraines impact people’s relationships, jobs, moods, and overall quality of life. They are so disruptive to a person’s quality of life, in fact, that the World Health Organization (WHO) classified migraines to be the sixth highest cause worldwide of years lost due to disability (YLD). Headache disorders altogether ranked at the third highest.

What is a Migraine?

A migraine is a headache that is often accompanied by a throbbing or pulsing pain and tends to occur on one side of the head. Along with the headache can come symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound.

Migraines can last for a few minutes, or they may last days, interfering with a person’s day-to-day life.

What Causes Migraines?

There isn’t a sure answer behind what causes a migraine, but there are many potential triggers, like:

  • Stress
  • Hunger or nutrient deficiency
  • Caffeine overconsumption or withdrawal
  • Hormonal changes, like menstruation
  • Dehydration

While there are many pain relievers. preventative medications, and lifestyle changes you may find that your migraines are still impacting your quality of life. If traditional treatment does not work in alleviating your migraine symptoms, IV hydration therapy just may be worth a try.

Other Types of Headache Disorders You May Be Experiencing

Migraines are not the only form of headache disorders that can have a negative affect on your day. A few other types of headache disorder you may find yourself experiencing include:

Tension-type Headaches (TTH)

The WHO classifies TTH as the most common primary headache disorder. It is commonly associated with stress of musculoskeletal problems in the neck. It is characterized by a pressure or tightness that impacts the head and, at times, the neck.

Cluster Headaches (CH)

CH are a common headache disorder defined by frequent but severe headaches that tend to focus around one eye. When experiencing these types of headaches, a person may also experience teary eyes, a runny nose, congestion, and eyelid drooping.

Menstrual Migraines (Hormone Headaches)

Menstruation comes with its own set of symptoms and issues. One of these includes menstrual migraines, otherwise known as hormone headaches. These headaches occur as a person’s hormones change and fluctuate with their menstrual cycle.

Hangover Headaches

When you have a bit too much alcohol, it is common to experience a pounding headache, sensitivity to lights and sounds, nausea, and exhaustion. This is known as a hangover and may be caused due to dehydration or sleep disruption caused by alcohol consumption.

IV Hydration Therapy for Headaches and Migraines

IV therapy delivers fluids full of vitamins, minerals, or medications directly into the bloodstream through a needle. While oral supplementation can be a great option for some people, it must go through the digestive system, which means only about 10 percent of the supplement is absorbed.

Since IV therapy is delivered straight into the blood stream, it bypasses the digestive system which allows nearly 100 percent of the supplement to be absorbed into the body.

Because of this, IV therapy can be a great way of giving your body nutrients and hydration it may be lacking, which could help alleviate your migraine or headache symptoms. Our IV hydration therapy for headaches and migraines is an elixir that provides your body with hydration, electrolytes, and vitamins that it may need.

We Are Here for You

If you feel like everything you have tried to treat your headaches or migraines isn’t working, you may benefit from talking to your doctor about trying IV hydration therapy. Our team is passionate about helping you feel your best.

We will use our years of experience to help you find an IV therapy that fits your goals, needs, and lifestyle. Contact us today.



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